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Crowdgenix is building an institutional-grade Launchpad & DEX for compliant digital assets with Web3 and multi-chain technologies.

Launch your project on Crowdgenix

Crowdgenix helps blockchain-based projects to launch digital assets. If you have a blockchain-based project and are looking for an investment, apply through Crowdgenix. We will get back to you starting from May 2023.

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Redefining the future of digital asset investing

Crowdgenix aims to bridge the

gap between decentralised and traditional finance to unlock trillions of euros in capital.

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Institutional DeFi

Crowdgenix will be an EU-licensed platform. We run proper KYC/AML checks, apply high levels of security and data privacy, and offer compliant digital assets to investors.

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Multi-asset platform

We set our platform as a tool for launching projects based on multiple digital asset classes, including utility, security, non-fungible, and hybrid tokens.

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Non-custodial smart contracts

Our platform’s non-custodial smart contracts help release the investors’ funds and tokens based on the milestones and vesting schedule. Hence, it mitigates fraud risks.

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Community Members
Projects Pipeline

Explore our key features

EU-licensed platform
We will start the process of obtaining the European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) license in early 2023 from our headquarter in Spain.
Decentralised KYC checks
Crowdgenix can only know the KYC status (i.e., verified or not verified) of the user, hence, the user can maintain their anonymity on the platform.
Multi-layered screening
We constructed a multi-layered screening process to ensure that the projects in our launchpad are high-quality projects and secure to be invested.
Guaranteed allocation
It acts as an anti-whale measure that helps projects to minimize the volatility risk of market manipulation and ensures a fair token distribution to investors.
Token cap table and portfolio dashboard
Token cap table management works synergistically with Crowdgenix’s token vesting. For the investors, we offer a portfolio dashboard where investors can track their tokens' performance.
DAO governance model
Crowdgenix adopts a stake-weighted voting mechanism to support its DAO governance model and we aspire to ingrain DAO governance to many parts of the ecosystem.
P2C AMM transactions
Peer-to-Contract Automated Market Maker allows investors to trade in a decentralised environment. Anyone can become a market maker and initiate trades directly from non-custodial wallets.
ML-powered on-chain data analytics
Machine learning algorithms help projects to understand investor behavior and identify long-term investors, while investors can use them to determine a project’s market demand.

$CGX Token

The $CGX is our native token. We have embedded various incentives into our business model that benefit the $CGX token holders. Crowdgenix aims to create a community-led platform by allocating more than 70% of the total token supply to the community.

Yield framing
DAO governance
Buybacks and burns
Token distribution from R&D Hub projects
Yield framing
DAO governance
Buybacks and burns
Token distribution from
R&D Hub projects

Token allocation

31.6 %
13.2 %
Ecosystem Found
7.5 %
Public IDO
15.0 %
2.5 %
Seed Round
10.0 %
Private Rounds
18.4 %
Liquidity Found
1.8 %
Advisors and Partners
Max Supply
190,000,000 $CGX
Market Cap
€ 38,000,000
*Fully diluted
Total $CGX Sold


We have developed a roadmap to achieve our objectives. The key highlights of our short-term roadmap are the launch of the $CGX token and Launchpad 1.0 (MVP). The medium-term roadmap will see market expansion and the platform’s technological maturity.

1st Quarter of 2023
  • Regulatory consultation to launch $CGX token
  • Official landing page
  • Publish Whitepaper
  • Start marketing campaigns
  • Develop smart contract of $CGX token
  • Develop Launchpad 1.0 (MVP)
2nd Quarter of 2023
3rd and 4th Quarter of 2023
  • Obtain the ECSP license
  • Audit on $CGX token smart contract
  • WalletConnect integration
  • Decentralised KYC integration
  • Launchpad 1.0 (MVP)
  • Improve design and functionality of the MVP
  • Public sale of $CGX token
  • Pilot IDO projects (ETH, BNB, AURORA)
  • Launchpad for NFTs
  • Non-custodial smart contracts integration
  • DEX 1.0 (MVP) with liquidity mining
  • Full-fledged Launchpad 2.0 with multi-chain and multi-asset classes offerings
2024 and Beyond
  • DAO-governance implementation
  • Launch the decentralised R&D Hub
  • DEX 2.0, which enables cross-chain and dynamic ratio swaps
  • Improve Web3 integration and functionality
  • Market expansion to Asia
  • Launch mobile app 1.0 (iOS & Android)

Our Leadership Team

Sarel Dika
Co-Founder & CEO
11+ years of experience in strategy consulting and cross-border M&A transactions, providing advice to private equity firms, governments, and Japanese conglomerates.
Pedro Sedano
Co-Founder & COO
7+ years of experience in management consulting and business development of a big tech firm, as well as legal operations of a global investment bank.
Andrew Roberts
Co-Founder & CTO
10+ years working as a senior software developer in the financial services industry, with the last 5 years as the tech lead in an investment bank.
Philippe Meyer
Chief Blockchain Officer
25+ years of experience in innovating technology including blockchain solutions for financial institutions.

Our Advisors

Manuel Breu
Manuel is a Senior Strategist at Avaloq, a major Swiss technology provider. Before that, he worked for seven years at BCG and Deloitte, providing C-suite advice to clients.
Lorenzo Faggi
Strategic Advisor
Lorenzo has a long-standing career as a banker and advisor. He has 30+ years of experience in investment banking and wealth management, mainly with UBS.
Pascal Schmid
Strategic Advisor
Pascal is an experienced C-level executive with in-depth blockchain experience. He is or has been a board member of Cardano, Interchain, Golem, and ICON.
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Your questions answered.

What is Crowdgenix?

Crowdgenix is building an institutional-grade DeFi platform that utilises Web3 and blockchain technology to provide solutions for investing and fundraising. The platform includes a token issuance platform, Launchpad, and DEX for compliant digital assets. It is blockchain-agnostic, meaning it can support multiple blockchain networks.

How does Crowdgenix differ from competitors?

Crowdgenix is building an institutional-grade DeFi platform, where retail and institutional investors can invest and trade in a fair, transparent, secure, and user-friendly environment.

On top of that, Crowdgenix is a one-stop platform for investors to diversify their investment portfolios, thanks to our compliant multi-asset classes (i.e., utility, security, non-fungible, and hybrid tokens) offering.

But most importantly, Crowdgenix offers end-to-end investing and fundraising solutions, covering token issuance, primary market, and secondary market.

How can I participate in the token presale?

You can register your interest by clicking the “Count me in” button at the top of this landing page and filling in your data. We will get back to you with more detailed information, including the Simple Agreement for Future Token (SAFT).

Which currencies do you accept on the presale?

We accept Euro (EUR), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC).